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Pair of Magped Sport 2 Magnetic Pedals (150 N Magnet) Pink


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Magped pedals are a real innovation for any type of use. In this Sport 2 version they provide excellent stability with a platform suited to XC/Gravel/Trail/City. The patented magnetic mechanism allows the foot to be released from the pedal quickly and easily. Compared to standard automatic pedals, the risk of accident and injury is reduced to an absolute minimum and your mind can relax for a worry-free cycling experience.

Product highlights:
  • The Magped pedal is a modern, high-quality flat pedal made from lightweight CNC milled aluminium with a CrMo or Titanium spindle. All Magped pedals are extremely competitive compared to other high-end pedals, despite the added magnet system.
  • The Magped pedal ensures a continuous circular movement using your extensor muscles (70%) as well as your flexor muscles (30%) for maximum riding performance. You'll feel the difference, especially on long trips.
  • The pedal accounts for your foot's various degrees of twist and therefore reduces the tension on your ankles during your outings. The foot position can also be varied forwards and backwards without changing the traction force, making it easy to find the ideal position for both ascents and descents.
  • The pedal is equipped with 3 high quality sealed industrial ball bearings. The axles can be changed if necessary. The high performance Neodymium magnet is adjustable via an integrated polymer suspension.

  • Uses: XC/Gravel/Trail 
  • 150 N neodymium magnet for cyclists weighing 65 to 90 kg
  • CNC machined from an aluminium block
  • Steel axle
  • Dimensions: length: 104 mm/width: 92 mm/height/18 mm
  • High performance neodymium magnet
Weight per pair (without pins):
  • SPORT 100: 420 g
  • SPORT 150: 440 g
  • SPORT 200: 458 g

  • Magnets 
  • Metal plates for SPD shoes
  • Magnetic screws in 2 lengths
  • Allen key

Brand recommendation:
  • 100 N for cyclists < 65 kg
  • 150 N for cyclists weighing 65 - 90 kg
  • 200 N for cyclists > 75 kg and ENDURO
  • The brand recommends SPD shoes with a thin to medium sole.


Toutes les pédales automatiques sont vendues avec un jeu de cales compatibles


Poids constructeur (en g) 440
Référence 9120093500391
Sport Cross Country
Matière de l'axe Staal
Matière du corps Aluminium


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